Aleksandra Atanasovski

Aleksandra Atanasovski’s jewellery collections are very varied, but each features a well-thought-out concept that combines precious metals and stones. Her jewellery calls for a reflection on life topics, transience, the past, and the future, which is best represented by her original rings with human skin patterns. Her rings, which are custom-made from silver or gold, are some sort of commemorative plasters that alleviate and will continue to alleviate the wounds of transience. The human skin pattern moulded into a ring is inherited from one generation to the next, leaving behind traces of human uniqueness. The two precious metals are complemented by gemstones, which in and of themselves carry their own history, memories, and a distinct energy. Aleksandra Atanasovski’s jewellery thus expresses the preciousness of a moment in eternity, drawing attention to the importance of inheriting positive ideas for the future of humanity.