Leon Zakrajšek

Leon Zakrajšek’s artistic expression is characterized by seeking perfection in a single brushstroke in the sumi-e technique, ensō monotypes, and acrylic or oil on canvas. He is known for his devotion to ancient Chinese and Japanese graphic techniques, ritual painting, spiritualism, and the philosophy of Asian meditation and western artistic expressions. His gestures, abstractions, circles, and geometries of arches, lines, and minimalist elements inspire modern aesthetes.
His geometric shapes, especially the circle, carry a tendency to perfection inside or symbolism, which fascinates the viewer. Zakrajšek’s sumi-e represents and highlights the modernist principle through the traditional Chinese painting technique that uses black ink and a special brush, and through the aesthetics and language of modern abstract art as well as traditional East Asian skills.

The artist uses handmade paper to express his feelings and thoughts through abstraction and geometric shapes created with brushstrokes
or to make a single print (monotype)..
Recently, he has been combining his monotyping technique with silhouettes or cut-outs of figures, such as fish, seagulls, and pomegranates.