Tihomir Tomič

Tihomir Tomič creates sculpted glass objects and designs useful glass accessories. He has received many recognitions, honorary titles, and awards for his designs, including the Design Plus 2010 international award at the Frankfurt Trade Fair and the 2011 nomination for the German Design Award.
The artistic lines that Tomič conjures up from glass form an important segment of his creative and artistic profile, and their structural and textural accents are indispensable details that help shape the comprehensive expression of the artist’s exhibits. Each of these displays an autonomous sculptural form, an artistic intervention within the medium, a picturesque graphic, structural, and textural refinement, a unique painting technique, and original colours and composition. Lighting is also very important, directing light through the glass depths of the sculpture and additionally connecting it with the setting. The transparency, reflection, and glowing of the glass material reveal great artistic finesse and the artist’s extensive skills, which we experience in his displays created using various glass design techniques.